Superb Airbrush Tattoos & More!

  AIRBRUSH TEMPORARY TATTOOS!  TNT can accommodate up to 18 to 20 guests per hour. We have up to 300 stencils which will appeal to all genders and ages. The airbrush tattoo paint contains only FDA approved ingredients, and will not stain your skin. Airbrush temporary tattoos are water proof and can last up to 5 days. They can easily be removed with rubbing alcohol.  AIRBRUSH FACE PAINTING! This is great for all ages. We have a wonderful variety of stencils to choose from, its face painting done with an airbrush, and FDA approved water based face paint. TNT can  accommodate up to 10 to 15 guests per hour. AIRBRUSH DOG TAG NECKLACES! This is so very awesome and unique. Your guest can choose the color and design that they would like to have custom airbrushed on their own dog tag necklace. The artist will airbrush the dog tag, and then keep it to dry for a bit. Meanwhile your guest can enjoy the party and come back a little later to pick up there one of a kind souvenir. We suggest that you hire us for 3 hours if you have more then 20 guest attending your event. The price for this service will vary depending on the number of guest that would like a dog tag necklace.     

Fantastic Metallic & Glitter tattoos!

  METALLIC FLASH TATTOOS!  These glitzy, flashy fun temporary tattoos are easily put on and last several days, takes only minutes to apply and everyone loves them. Accommodates 15 to 20 guests an hour.  GLITTER TATTOOS! We offer an exciting variety of glitter colors and designs. The glitter tattoos are applied with non-toxic body glue and cosmetic grade glitter, your guest will be able to choose a stencil and multiple colors of there choice. They are water proof and can last up to 5 days with proper care. Accommodates 15 to 18 guests an hour.  

Trendy Hair!

    HAIR CHALKING!!! Hair chalking is done with professional hair shadow. The hair shadow is hand rubbed on to a section of hair creating colorful ombre streaks that can be washed out the next day. It is a cosmetic grade powder which makes it completely safe for your hair. I can do hair chalking on 12-15 guests per hour.  GROOVY COLOR HAIR EXTENSIONS! The groovy color hair extensions are made out of real human hair including a variety of colors such as teal, purple, pink, and plenty more. They are put in and removed the same way as the feather hair extensions/braided hair wraps. These hair extensions can last up to 1-3 MONTHS! TNT can accommodate 18 to 20 girls an hour.  HAIR CRYSTALS! The hair crystals are applied by placing a strip of the hair crystals on a section of the hair, then gently flat ironing them on. They will last for days with proper care, and can be easily removed by messaging hair conditioner on them. Accommodates up to 15 to 18 girls an hour.     

Fancy Feather & Hand Made Hair Wrap Extensions!

   FEATHER HAIR EXTENSIONS & HAND MAID BRAIDED HAIR WRAPS WITH BEADS AND CHARMS! TNT can do up to 18 to 20 girls an hour.This will include only one feather or hair wrap per guest. The feathers/hair wraps are easily put in by clamping the feathers/hair wraps onto strands of hair with a micro bead. Feathers can be washed, blow dried, flat ironed, and curled. Hair wraps are hand made by braiding and attaching either beads or charms at the bottom. The wraps can get wet while showering or swimming. When styling your hair, just simply pull the wrap up out of the way while brushing, and or blow drying, then drop it back in place. The feather/hair wraps can last up to 1 to 3 MONTHS!!! Or they can easily be removed with pliers. 

Magnificent Eyelash Bar!

  Your guests will be able to choose from a variety of eyelashes including; natural, feathered, colored or glitter. The eyelashes will be sized and cut to any shape of eye. They are then applied on the eyelids close to the lash line with gentle eyelash glue that dries quickly. Accommodates 12 to 15 guests an hour. 

Give us a call for prices and availability.